About Race Licenses

From the year you turn 13 to the year you turn 80, you are required to hold a race licence to participate in events organised by the Norwegian Athletics Federation (NFIF) and its affiliated clubs. Children aged 12 years and younger are insured through the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sports’ Children’s Sports Insurance. Read more HERE (Norwegian). 

For track and field events, you are required to obtain an annual licence or day licence.

An annual licence or day licence is also required for events organised outside an athletics stadium (for example road races, cross-country, mountain and trail).

Please note that club membership of a NFIF-affiliated club is required for the purchase of all licence types, except for day licences for events organised outside an athletics stadium. If you are not a member of an athletics club, you can search for your nearest club HERE.

Results achieved without holding a race licence will be delisted at year-end without further justification, and thus deleted from official statistics.

Further information about race licences for track and field events can be found here.

Further information about race licences for events organised outside athletics stadiums can be found here.

Visit here for an article about the move to a new licence software in February 2022 (Norwegian).


Annual Race Licence (participants aged 13 - 80):

There are two types of annual race licence (Core and Core Plus), and both require membership of an athletics club. Both provide a licence for participation in all events organised by the Norwegian Athletics Federation and its affiliated clubs until the end of the calendar year. The difference between the race licences can be found in the insurance terms.

An annual race licence will provide insurance for athletics training and racing activities in Norway and in other countries, including mass races, race walking and organised hiking events. Licence holders are also entitled to advice and assistance in booking appointments via the Sports Health Centre's injury hotline (Idrettens Helsesenters skadetelefon).                                            

Prices Annual Licence:

- Core Licence NOK 550

- Core Plus Licence NOK 1250

You can read more about the differences in the terms and conditions here.


Day Licence (participants aged 13 - 80):

There are two types of day licence (Day Licence: Track and Field and Day Licence: Off-Track), but only the day licence for track and field requires membership in an athletics club. A day licence provides a race licence and insurance cover only for the duration of the event it was purchased for. Both licences can be purchased multiple times by the same person.

Prices Day Licence:

- Day Licence: Track and Field NOK 100

-  *Day Licence: Off-Track (price is calculated based on entry fees - see calculation further down)

Day Licence: Track and Field was introduced in 2022 and currently requires that the event is created in the iSonen event management software.

Day Licence: Off-Track is purchased via the event organiser / entry system provider when registering for your chosen event.

You can read more about the differences in the insurance terms and conditions here.

*Day Licence: Off-Track prices are calculated based on the event entry fees:

<50 Optional for Organiser/NOK20**

51- 100 NOK 20

101-250 NOK 30

251-400 NOK 40

401< NOK 50

** If the entry fee for the event is between 1-50 NOK, it is up to the event organiser whether they wish to offer day licences for participation through the NFIF licence scheme but please note that without race licences, participants and officials will not be insured. Public liability insurance for the event is, however, maintained.

*** For event series (Norwegian: karuseller), participants pay for one (1) day licence only, based on the entry fee to participate in the series.

**** Relays NOK 15 per relay team member, maximum NOK 150

Persons accompanying disabled participants are insured through the Official’s Insurance, provided they are registered by the event organiser in advance. Persons accompanying non-disabled participants are not covered.